One Impact That Survivors May Experience

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Note: If you were molested or sexually abused, this may be hard to read. Trust yourself and don’t read it if it doesn’t feel right.

Or it may be very helpful to take a look at any blame you may have taken on for yourself that wasn’t yours.

I was told by my Guidance, sitting on a couch one day in 2007, that I am here to help heal neglect and abuse. Taking that charge seriously, since 1988 I’ve been on my own journey of sexual abuse recovery. …

Observations from the movie “Sully” — Sully and Tom Hanks

With tears streaming down my cheeks while watching the movie, “Sully” for the third time, I feel so much appreciation for men who are drawn to protect.

This Clint Eastwood directed movie is based on the true story about Captain Sullenberger (nickname Sully) who landed a US Airways plane in the Hudson River after birds flew into both engines, completely cutting off all engine functionality. Tom Hanks plays the role of Pilot Captain Sully in the movie. …

Insights about Reverend Shaw Moore’s Role

Famous for the amazing dancing, and it is, the movie Footloose also has an underlying theme of dismissing pain.

Reverend Shaw Moore (John Lithgow) states multiple times in the movie that he feels “responsible” for the spiritual life of the community. Clearly he has chosen to be and is given permission to be ‘the voice of the community’ by so many. Not all, but many.

Why has he taken on this ‘responsibility’ without really being asked by the community to do so? Yes, he is the minister of a local church. I’m guessing it’s…

A Spectrum of Experiences

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Not everybody has the same emotional safety needs. Or experiences it the same way.

What feels emotionally safe to one person may not feel true for another.

I was hiding under my covers, lights out, frozen, curled up in the fetal position, barely breathing, holding my phone as I called the police because there was a ‘crazy man’ yelling “let me in” walking repeatedly down the path below my window and beyond. Pretty sure he was on drugs.

A couple of days later I talked with my downstairs neighbor who had the courage to peak out…

What the Movie “Frozen” Tells Us About Being a Gifted Leader

Olya Lole from Pixabay

The first time I saw the movie Frozen, I didn’t quite get it — the movie plot or the lesson. The part about Elsa’s gift and how it was managed is what I’m mostly focused on here. Plus, the part of knowing she was to be Queen someday and the complete lack of taking that into account.

About 3 years later I watched Frozen again and was disturbed with the message that it portrays:

The oldest child, Elsa, is gifted. Her fingertips hold power. Younger sister, Anna, is very…

How I Helped My Mother Before She Died

Selfie with my Mother, June two weeks before she died at age 98

By the time my mother died in 2019, at age 98, we had cleaned out all the papers of her life that were asking to be released, no longer relevant to anybody else. Only 3 file folders remained in her desk drawer: one for ideas of memorial services; a second with receipts for purchases items that she was passing on to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and the third is a folder of photos from her early adult life, late teens that she wasn’t ready to release.

Considering we began with at…

Photo by Lindsay Miller

If you have ever had a reading with Astrology, Hand Analysis, Human Design, Numerology, Personology (Face-reading), Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, DNA Activations, and many other systems, there is a good chance you resonated with something being true about you.

These fall into the larger category of “personality typing systems.” Each has its own way of ‘typing’ you. They all have truth in them.

Some are based on your birth information like Astrology and Human Design. Some are calculated from a survey like the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs. …

photo from Pixaby — Ksenia Sergeeva

In both Snow White and Cinderella stories, there is an ‘wicked woman.’ We don’t know much about their history. And neither has a ‘name’ like Snow White and Cinderella. I started pondering why they are labeled wicked. And what that says about us.

Let’s focus on the Cinderella story. This tale has been told repeatedly, in multiple movies starting with the Disney animated version. I looked up “Cinderella movies” on the internet — 20 movies or series. Whoa! It’s impactful in our culture and perspective as females and males.

I’m sharing the Cate Blanchett version of the Stepmother that she…

Part 3 — The Ups and Downs of Creative Expression

So many times I’ve seen actors and directors interviewed who talk about wanting a variety of roles, or content to express. This comes from a deep need to express oneself in a broad range of emotions.

Actors specifically with long ring fingers (called Apollo), as was discussed in Part 1 of this series, are highly driven by variety. They are designed to spend a lot of time creatively expressing themselves.

As a reminder, the long ring/Apollo fingers means that the owner of that finger spends a lot of time in…

Part 2 — Love Lines of Hollywood Successful People

In the first article I discussed a long ring (Apollo) finger as a common marking for people who are successful in the Hollywood world: spending a lot of time in their creative expression.

Part 2, this article, is focused on the love lines, called Heart Lines in Hand Analysis.

Heart lines are the ‘emotional line’ in somebody’s hands. Everybody has them. They identify your particular style of communicating your feelings, and how you prefer others communicate with you emotionally. They also identify your emotional approach to everything.

There are 4 styles…

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As a Renaissance Entrepreneur artistry, intuition, relationship skills, Scientific Hand Analysis & the Law of Attraction are my tools .

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