According to David Kessler, Judgment Demands Punishment

What do I mean by value judgments?

We each have values. These are ways we make choices for our lives.

And we don’t always value the same things that others do.

I have a very high focus on safety. Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional…

Observations from the movie “Sully”

With tears streaming down my cheeks while watching the movie, “Sully” for the third time, I feel so much appreciation for men who are drawn to protect.

This Clint Eastwood directed movie is based on the true story about Captain Sullenberger (nickname Sully) who landed…

Insights about Reverend Shaw Moore’s Role

Famous for the amazing dancing, and it is, the movie Footloose also has an underlying theme of dismissing pain.

Reverend Shaw Moore (John Lithgow) states multiple times in the movie that he feels “responsible” for the spiritual life of the community. Clearly he has…

A Spectrum of Experiences

Not everybody has the same emotional safety needs. Or experiences it the same way.

What feels emotionally safe to one person may not feel true for another.

I was hiding under my covers, lights out, frozen, curled up in the fetal position, barely breathing, holding my…

What the Movie “Frozen” Tells Us About Being a Gifted Leader

The first time I saw the movie Frozen, I didn’t quite get it — the movie plot or the lesson. The part about Elsa’s gift and how it was managed is what I’m mostly focused on here. …

How I Helped My Mother Before She Died

By the time my mother died in 2019, at age 98, we had cleaned out all the papers of her life that were asking to be released, no longer relevant to anybody else. Only 3 file folders remained in her desk drawer…

If you have ever had a reading with Astrology, Hand Analysis, Human Design, Numerology, Personology (Face-reading), Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, DNA Activations, and many other systems, there is a good chance you resonated with something being true about you.

These fall into the larger category of “personality typing systems.” Each has its…

In both Snow White and Cinderella stories, there is an ‘wicked woman.’ We don’t know much about their history. And neither has a ‘name’ like Snow White and Cinderella. I started pondering why they are labeled wicked. And what that says about us.

Let’s focus on the Cinderella story. This…

Part 3 — The Ups and Downs of Creative Expression

So many times I’ve seen actors and directors interviewed who talk about wanting a variety of roles, or content to express. This comes from a deep need to express oneself in a broad range of emotions.

Actors specifically with long…

Pamelah Landers

As a Renaissance Entrepreneur artistry, intuition, relationship skills, Scientific Hand Analysis & the Law of Attraction are my tools .

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